Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Going on Faith

As I plan to travel to Swaziland on long term mission to serve the people through this small ministry God has laid on my heart I have been downsizing all of my belongings and waiting for the sale of my camper and car to help sustain me while there. Today the Lord told me to step out in faith and just go! I am to purchase my ticket and leave on Tuesday, trusting He will take care of me. I love and trust Him and in obedience will do this. I have excitement to see what He will do, however there is still a small part of me somewhat nervous as I try to cling to the security defined by the world. Oh I know that nothing can compare to the creator of the universe telling you that He will take care of you; in fact I am quite honored that He would care enough to do this for me. I am in awe of Him as I watch how He has cared for my every need and whim. I pray you will come along as I share through this blog how He is working in my life and the lives He will put in my path in Swaziland.

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